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A little about me

I’m Amelia, but you can call me Mia. I live in Aurora, just North of Toronto, with my partner and two beautiful, crazy daughters. I grew up in the Beaches in the East end of Toronto and absolutely love it there. My parents still live there and I love that my kids get to explore and experience my childhood home.

I’ve always loved taking photos. Even back in high school with good ol’ disposable cameras. I’d be that girl taking photos everywhere I went. You know, before we all had cameras with us at all times and taking nonstop photos was normal.

That love of taking photos and freezing time turned into a hobby and now a career. It’s not just about taking photos or getting the perfect shot. It’s about life and celebrating the big and little things that make this world so beautiful. I love capturing those real moments and documenting life as it is. Natural light, genuine smiles and honest moments are my inspiration. I live for capturing real emotions and pure laughs, the silliness and beauty that life is full of. I love telling your story and filling your walls with the big and little moments of your life.

When I’m not taking photos of other families, I’m spending time with my own. Doing the school drop-off and pick-up with my eldest, hanging all day with my youngest; hitting indoor playgrounds, the park; splash pads in the summer, ice rinks in the winter; having play dates with friends, and, of course, taking photos of both any chance I get. You will always find me with a cup of coffee and either Netflix on or a book in hand (when I have a moment to myself!).

Oh, and I’m totally social:
instagram: @youbymia
facebook: @youbymia